“Thumbelina Girl in reality”: The incredible story of this unique baby born with a rare condition

Meet the Thumbelina Girl whose body will always remain the size of a doll

Many people are well-familiar with the primary dwarfism type II. Those, who are not aware of what it is, in other words, it is a complex in case of which the body of an individual doesn’t grow. And here we meet Abigail Lee who was, misfortunately, born with this rare condition.

At the first sight, everything seems normal in this photos, whereas when we look attentively, we’ll notice that it is actually a stroller for dolls.

The girl’s dolls are of a tiny size so that the unique girl could easily play with them.

Despite already being 2 years old, Lee looks like a baby and her body doesn’t grow.

Samantha is her sister who is 4 and, luckily, doesn’t have such a genetic condition unlike Abigail.

According to the doctors’ prediction, the girl will grow up to 60 cm. Despite her genetic disease, Lee eats, plays and sleeps as an absolutely ordinary kid and is healthy.

She often wears dolls’ clothes as well as eats at a doll’s table appropriate for her size.

The medicine she takes doesn’t cure her disease, whereas we hope that scientists will come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Doctors predict that she will soon learn to walk and will live a happy and complete life.

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