The kind dog became a foster mother for an abandoned kitten

A dog rescued the small kitten’s life, who appeared in a narrow valley

A dog was found in a narrow valley, that was considered to narrow for it to come out. They called the local animal protection organisation and asked for assistance. And immediately a volunteer named Michelle came on the scene.

She considered to go down the valley and rescue the animal. When Michelle went there she was amazed. She found the Shih Tzu dog lying on the ground feeding milk to a small kitten.

This showed, that the scene wasn’t like they thought. In reality she didn’t stuck in there and just went there to feed and rescue the little kitten.

It is unknown how long the foster mother and her baby would have stayed at the bottom of the gully, if someone hadn’t noticed them and called volunteers.

The dog and the cat were taken to the local shelter.

The dog was named Gerda. She was a perfect friend. She spent the whole time with the cat. The kitty grown up to be so plump, that it was hard moving around for him.

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