What a surprise! The school personnel and students organized a real feast for the cleaning lady

 These people can only be thanked for putting a smile on this old woman’s face on her birthday.

Francis Buzzard performed his common tasks as an ordinary porter.

She always polished furniture to a shine. And soon all the personnel as well as students became attached to this wonderful woman for her amazing diligent work as well as perseverance which made the school one of the cleanest locations in the city.

But it turned out that this unnoticed old woman kept a very sad secret from everyone.

One day, the principal called Francis to the school cafeteria. The woman must have been doubtful when the need for this was announced over the speakerphone.

What she encountered upon entering the café was far beyond her craziest thoughts.

More than two hundred students as well as personnel were waiting for her to congratulate her on her 77th birthday. It turned out that the principal had discovered that this elderly woman had never had a real birthday in her entire life. And all the personnel and students made a decision to organize a real feast for her. It was the first joyful birthday in her life.

She was welcomed at the door with a loud “Happy Birthday” accompanied by a cart of gingerbread cookies as well as chocolate brownies rolled out of the kitchen, along with a copious amount of lemonade.

Francis was given a brilliant diadem and placed on her head. Moreover, students hung a commemorative ribbon for the woman before taking her to a chair in the very center of the hall. She really was the star of the event.

The climax of the show soon arrived.

The curtains on one side of the room parted to uncover a large screen. It opened with a slide show that included a documentary on Francis’ history.

Numerous photographs captured crucial historical occasions of her long and eventful life. One of them demonstrates Francis raising the flag on Iwo Jima, standing close to Neil Armstrong on the moon. She really was an enthusiastic young lady in her prime.

But why didn’t the woman celebrate her birthday?

Francis recalled her childhood. She grew up in a very poor family. It turns out that her parents could never have enough money to provide the girl with a real birthday. They almost never had an opportunity to celebrate Christmas as well.

Francis was truly enjoyed by such an incredible deed on behalf of the school. It was a thoughtful reward for the exertion of the principal, personnel as well as students. These people can only be thanked for putting a smile on this old woman’s face on her birthday.

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