A saved pig, who considers herself a dog and imitates canine behaviour

A kind woman rescued a poor pig, that was left inside a box

Anne has already met unique creatures. They had encircled her big mansion in the mountains of Sri Lanka. She was amazed to discover a baby boar inside a box in her porch.

Early in the morning the gardener discovered the baby and as the mother wasn’t there he considered to place her in a box and left at the door.

Anne and her boyfriend understood, that the baby wouldn’t survive without a mother.

They organized a small bed in their living room to keep her warm. The young woman also learned a lot about caring for boars.

After learning they needed to be fed every hour she searched the Internet, but wasn’t able to find anything. And when she awoke Anne and her boyfriend continually passed out in the living room with her.

The woman named the pig Yeji and she quickly befriended with her four dogs. All of them became her best friends. Now Yeji considers herself a dog and imitates canine behaviour.

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