The friendship between this young boy and the cute donkey warms everyone’s hearts

Such a loving friendship!

If we speak about a friendship between animals and children, first dogs come in our minds, but here we present to you the cutest friendship between a baby boy and a donkey, that will make you smile all day.

There’s nothing surprising, because donkeys are very friendly and they can create a strong bond with humans. They need someone to pet and cuddle, and people are the best option.

Meet Sam and Twix, two best friends, who are inseparable from the first day of their meeting. Sam’s family owes a farm, where the cute donkey lives.

Twix was in need and Sam’s mother adopted him and took him to the farm. There he started to enjoy his life with his little human and they built a strong friendship.

They are best friends forever and love to cuddle each other. These two beauties spend much time together and attract everyone around them with their amazing relationship.

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