A very caring dog, who informed everyone about a missing woman with a loud barking

A faithful dog stayed with his owner for four days while she was lost

A woman from Texas went missing for days in a park, but was discovered thanks to her loyal dog named Maxie. Although Sharon was familiar with the surroundings and experienced a memory loss, she got lost in a park with her dog Maxie.

The deputies unsuccessfully looked out the 2800 acre park for many days with the help of Sharon’s friends and family members. And also Sharon’s kids’ friends have formed a group to look for the woman. And after some time they stopped after hearing Maxie’s barking.

There wasn’t any other dogs in the park, so they immediately understood it was them. Happily Sharon and Maxie were healthy. She was missing and didn’t know what to do, but she wasn’t stressed.

If not Maxie, the rescuers wouldn’t have found them. Sharon’s son named Sam told: “The dog was with Sharon and had no collar, he stayed next to her for four days.”

And this is also one example of the dog’s faithfulness. Maxie passed away two years ago.

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