Special type of a pigeon, that proves, that nature is the best artist

Adorably beautiful animals, that are endangered 

We firmly agree to those, who claim that nature is the world’s best artist. Today our story is about world’s one of the beautiful animals, pigeons. When we say pigeon we imagine a usual bird, that can be seen in almost every nation. But this one isn’t a usual pigeon, it is gorgeous and enormous.

Such kind of pigeon can be identified by its vivid blue feathers and attractive tufted head. These pigeons are also very big, some even become as large as a usual turkey.

The crowned pigeon looks like a pheasant and is a terrestrial bird. It can fly up to the lower branches of trees and wave its wings loudly when it feels even a small threat.

As they mostly live on the ground, they eat fallen fruits, seeds and berries. And also they eat snails and other small invertebrates.

Such pigeons usually nest in pairs and take only one egg, sometimes two. While the male pigeons spent most of their day time on the nest, females spent most of their night time there.

Male pigeons have an unusual way of taking care of their women. They make such sounds like drumming, bowing, cooing to their women and dropping their tail to the ground.

Unfortunately their number is declining. And the reason for this are simple: habitat reduction and bird extinction caused by humans.

And the problem is also worsened by the pigeons’ lack of fear of people. And poachers use this face. Nowadays these species is regarded as infrequent.

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