Two lynxes, that grew up with puppies and picked up their characteristics

Adorable lynxes, that were thought to be challenging creatures 

Two baby lynxes were saved from a zoo farm by a girl named Anastasia, who also saved their lives. Now the animals have home and the desired freedom. Besides them eight dogs and three horses live in the same barn.

Anastasia has wished for a cat when she was a little child. She now has eight dogs. She searched for a pet when she met a lynx at the zoo farm.

At first she was anxious about her dogs’ reactions, but they were friendly and even took care of the small animal, giving the needed help. A lynx named Garry grew up among puppies and took all their characteristics, but looking after a lynx was still very difficult.

After a year the girl considered to take another lynx named Bon. Although the owner thought they would live apart, they were happy together.

The girl considered, that if the proprietors of fur factories don’t care for wolf cats, it must he hard to look after them. But as the two wild cats were trained and don’t show problems for her, she can freely walk them in peace.

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