An exceptional subterranean city in Australia with a population of 2,000

People come here to see outlandish constructions, the dwellings of the people living here.

Initially, when you come to these sun-drenched red plains of Australia and see the landscape, not very wealthy in buildings and totally “clean”, it seems like an absolutely lifeless territory. But as a matter of fact, here is the incredible mysterious town of Coober Pedy.

And what makes it exceptional is that this city is underground.

There are no trees, and the sun beats down with stern power. But underground there are miles of tunnels as well as rooms furnished like common houses.

The people of Coober Pedy, South Australia have been living and working there for 100 years, earning their living by mining opal, a multicolor gemstone.

The environment of Coober Pedy is repetitive, with ruddy sand hills sprawling all the way to the horizon. Once here, you might think that this is a ghost town. But as a matter of fact, there exist life here, only not on the top, but underground. There are underground bars as well as restaurants. Locals attend chapels and raise kids.

There is nothing exceptional about the residents of this modern dungeon. They are the commonest individuals who just live variously.

Since 1915, people throughout the world have flocked to Coober Pedy in order to get rich or launch new life mining opals. These gems were considered to have magical strengths. The majority of people are really fortunate. Gossip about the probability of such enrichment rapidly spread around the world. Many of those who are in search of miraculous gems started bringing their families here. Kids began to be born in the underground city. Nowadays, people of more than 45 nationalities live here.

The temperature near the surface of the earth here frequently reaches 40 degrees Celsius and lowers to minus values. But the real scourge of the territory is dust storms. From generation to generation, locals have learned to defend themselves from unpleasant weather conditions by building their houses at a depth of tens of meters underground. And even the prayer hall, garnished with glowing stained-glass windows as well as biblical scenes carved on the walls, is in prison.

Regional miners work in narrow dark mines using only flashlights. From time to time, when they dig into the walls, dim beams of light illuminate the darkness, reminding them of the outside world. Nevertheless, not everyone was able to find gems. Sometimes a lifetime is wasted searching in vain. There are those who have become millionaires and have squandered their fortune either through bad investments or simply indulging in idle luxury.

The tradition of mining opals is currently step by step fading away, and with it the city is falling into spoilage. Teenagers and young people want more steady and secure jobs. Nonetheless, many still live underground with the expectation to find the treasured rainbow-colored gem 30 meters below the surface.

In today’s world, Coober Pedy has long been a primary supplier of opals. Nevertheless, people come here not to look at the jewels, but to see outlandish constructions, the dwellings of the people living here.

The city’s name signifies “white man’s hole”, an expression that appeared here as early as the 1920s.

The underground bar is undoubtedly worth visiting for a drink with fellows.

And then go upstairs and play golf on a uniquely equipped playground.

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