“16 most valuable photos in history”: No one can take their eyes off the following amazing photos

Here are the world’s most valuable photos that will leave you astonished

Since we all are now endowed with an opportunity to take thousands of photos with the help of our cellphones and cameras, a photograph has recently become something ordinary that will barely surprise anyone. We, anyway, can’t say the same thing about paintings, whereas the fact that there are some breath-taking and amazing photographs that actually cost much more than paintings greatly surprised everyone.

We have found the top most expensive photos in history which, undoubtedly, won’t let any of you remain indifferent. Their price stretches from 2-4 million dollars.

Here is Untitled ninety two

Meet the Portrait of a Tearful Woman

Masterpiece Untitled Film Still forty eight

What can you say about “Billy the Kid”?

Share your opinion about Paris, Montparnasse

Chicago Board of Trade

And here is “Noire et Blanche”

Would you buy Untitled 153?

What can you say about Untitled ninety six?

The incredible photo: Los Angeles

“The Pond-Moonlight”

What  Untitled (cowboy) looks like!

What about “Ninety nine Cent the second Diptychon”?

Magnificent work Dead Troops Talk

What about “To Her Majesty”?

And the last one Rhein the Second

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