An abandoned puppy, who was fortunate and got a new permanent home and a loving owner

The puppy had some problems getting used to the shelter

The dog named Amelia loved her parents and they had always been devoted to her, but one day left her. Their neighbour discovered the puppy when she was just two months old and called animal rights activists.

She was immediately taken to the shelter. Then a young woman named Nancy took her to the sanctuary. She knew, that her caring family and forever home could never be replaced by a shelter.

Nancy’s beloved pet named Jada had lately passed away. But she didn’t even consider, that she could ever befriend with another animal. She had planned to take Amelia temporarily, but fate had another plans.

The dog named Amelia, who had some problems getting used to the shelter considered Nancy as a real hero. And when the foster care term finished the woman considered to adopt Amelia, as she couldn’t live without her anymore.

Amelia was very lucky to have such a loving and kind owner. And also Nancy was very fortunate to have such a pet. What an amazing story, isn’t it?

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