Dad who can’t walk prays for his daughter to walk down the aisle and is healed just in time

Regardless of the hardships, life has brought to Doug, he has always found calmness in his belief.

Life brings us many surprises, and some people have difficult tests that can either break them or make their faith more powerful.

For a pastor in Craig, Colorado, a common day in 2017 speedily turned into something sudden. He had an accident and nearly passed away. Nevertheless, he knew that God was watching him.

Lisa and Doug Zirkl were a well-known couple in their area. The community assessed their great generosity as well as extreme sympathy. Doug has been a pastor for twenty years and loved the congregation of his Grace Mission Baptist Church.

In July 2017, the couple planned to give Doug’s Jeep to Victory Motors in Craig for minor repairs. They did not doubt that this push could be the ultimate in their lives.

Liza left their house ten minutes before her husband. A few minutes later, when she realized that he still hadn’t come, she became bothered. Liza said;

“When I waited 45 minutes, I thought something was wrong.”

Lisa got into the car and began to search for her spouse, thinking that he might have hurried to assist someone in the chapel without telling her about it. When he reached home, he recalled an app they had installed on their phones that allowed them to track each other’s locations.

When she checked the app, her heart stopped. Doug was 10 miles west of Craig and knew he was in danger. She started praying for her spouse, not knowing that many wonders had already occurred. Lisa trusted.

“I thought, ‘God, what’s going on?’

As a diabetic kidney transplant recipient, he had an insulin reaction while driving, resulting in an accident. His jeep flew over an embankment, leaving the car submerged and on the verge of exploding.

He, too, was in bad shape and was about to die alone. Happily, two kind-hearted strangers witnessed the accident and instantly came to his aid. They pulled Doug out of the rubble and contacted an ambulance.

He was taken to Craig Memorial Hospital, and because his wife was able to find him rapidly, he was moved to the University of Colorado UC Health Hospital in place of Grand Junction; it was another wonder.

Because of his health condition, Doug had to go to a medical facility equipped to treat diabetes. Specialists at UC Health University in Colorado were aware of his state and could have taken better care of him.

The pastor spent more than ten days in intensive care and seven weeks in another medical facility. Everyone was grateful and astonished that he survived this ordeal.

One of the doctors said;

“Your spouse should have passed away but he didn’t.”

When the pastor came to his senses, he told an inexplicable incident. Doug said;

“I saw something bright. Whatever it was, it seemed to have something to do with God. I thought I was dead. Then I woke up with my four kids. It’s the loveliest thing you could wish for.”

Doug was in trouble and had several successful operations but lost the ability to walk. He needed a lot of physical cure and he realized it wouldn’t be an easy matter. Regardless of the dangers he faced, Doug fulfilled one of his heart’s wishes.

He said;

“I have the desire to walk my daughter down the alley.”
He was going to get married but the doctors weren’t certain if Doug’s nerves would heal over time.
The loving dad assured.
“I didn’t know if I would be ready for this wedding or not.”
But as he lay in his hospital bed in Denver, he made a promise to himself and his daughter, Rachel Circle Miller. Surgeon S.J.

Klek said;

“For Doug, it all came down to his inspiration and desire to walk his daughter down the alley. We, the medical community, did what we had to do but the rest was really up to Doug.”

Doug amazed everyone, involving the doctors. The pastor proved that the strength of prayer is able to overcome the biggest obstacles and his story is a true proof of it.

Eleven months after the horrific occurrence, his daughter was thrilled when she took his hand in New York’s Central Park.
It was her long-awaited wedding day. She always dreamed of going down the alley next to her dad. A dream that almost never came true. He said it.

“I knew this was coming and it’s incredible to think what he did to get to this point.”

Regardless of the hardships, life has brought to Doug, he has always found comfort in his faith. He never lost his contact with God and remained grateful for the many wonders along the way.

What should have suppressed him backfired. Pastor said;
“The Lord was with me. I have never been so certain of the existence of God.”

The wife agreed, saying;
“So many wonders have occurred. We feel so blessed.”

Doug’s story is hopeful as well as motivating. We wish him and his family many years of joy and health, always be together.

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