The fox cubs, who used a woman’s porch as their own small playground

A sweet story of two fox cubs, that adored the woman and visited her every day

You could witness some adorable surprises if you live in a home, which is near a forest. Even foxes, who are fearful and hate people come.

And such a story occurred when the fox cubs used the woman’s porch as their own small playground. The incident happened at the Illinois senior’s home. She could capture a few photos and share them.

The cubs came to see the senior on a sunny spring day. At first one cub came and after seeing how happy the mother was to see him, he invited his brother the following day and they both started to come every day.

Then the woman saw, that their mother was watching them from the neighbouring bushes. The photos became popular on the Internet and many people expressed jealousy for a woman, who has the opportunity to see such adorable animals every day.

Others compared the photos with fairy tale movie settings and no matter what comparisons are drawn these animals are overjoyed.

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