A very inquisitive dog, who creates art works with the brush he holds in between his teeth

The originality of a dog artist, who also creates self portraits

The dog’s owner showed him how to outline by giving a clean brush inside the dog’s teeth nearly four years ago. She told, that the dog has always been very curious. He adores finding new things and testing them.

The owners allowed the dog use his hands to produce a new painting for their living room. And the painting made it clear, that the dog had a special talent.

The owner told, that they saw that the dog adores outlining, so they considered to give him another try.

And when the owner started sharing the dog’s paintings on the Internet, he became successful. His owner adores his originality and the uniqueness of his topics.

Like a true artist, he adds his own signature to each of his works. The dog also has a beloved brush, which he holds in between his teeth.

The owners of the dog also told, that sometimes he also creates self portraits using the colours of his own fur, using black, brown and cream.

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