A sweet dog with some missing body parts finally got a loving home

A happy ending of a story of a dog in need

A dog named Inna had some missing body pieces.No one was eager to treat her or take her into the foster home.An animal rescue group discovered Inna and raised funds to take her to Canterbury.

There were many posts about the dog, but sadly no one wanted to adopt her.And this continued until a kind woman saw a post about Inna.

The kind woman was named Kelly Comfort, who worked for the government.They had three dogs by that time.Kelly took the dog for a foster care and promised to take care pf her until finding a loving home for her.

And finally it happened.The Comfort family took Inna!Kelly and her husband Ross began fundraising for Border Collie a prosthetic limb.

At first the woman opened a social media account for her until she was trying to collect money for the dog’s operation.She is very sweet dog.We hope, that all animals in need will have a bright future.


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