What this kind-hearted dentist does for stray animals is a great example for our humanity

What a kind gesture from the dentist!

Our today’s hero, a kindhearted dentist named Mehmet, does his best to make stray animals’ lives better. Once when the man watched a touching video on social media, he changed his attitude towards homeless animals and started to take care about them. The dentist looks for stray animals in his area and covers them with warm blankets.

Even he has donated a great number of blankets to many organisations and animal lovers in order to enlarge his business.
The man says that he cannot stay indifferent about these poor creatures and wants to make their lives a bit easier.

Even he had a great idea about the blankets left on the streets. He is in contact with the residents to take back the blankets so as not to harm the environment.

This man is a real hero and a great example for those who treat animals badly. Each animal needs your love and care, so be kind towards all of them.

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