«Half younger from his age»: The long-waited appearance of 62-year-old David Duchovny with his youthful lover at the premiere

The «Californication» star appeared with his young lover drawing the fans’ attention

Here is talented, prominent and successful American actor D. Duchovny who is mostly well-remembered for his legendary roles in the TV series «Californication» and «The X-Files». The well-known star appeared with his charming wife who is half younger from his age.

The «What Kind of People» star showed his youthful lover at the premiere of the great film which was hold in Los Angeles. His beloved Monique Pendleberry is only 29, the fact that caused a stir on network.

It is known that they started dating since 2017 when the girl used to work for his friend K. Rafati.

It is worth mentioning that from 1997 to 2014, the movie star was married to actress Tea Leoni with whom he had two kids. According to Duchovny, he doesn’t consider their big age different an obstacle for them and they really seem happy together.

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