The family cat who impressed people as a stray returned home with an amazing note

What a funny discovery!

When Tulia realised that people thought she was stray and gave her food and drink, she began to visit the restaurant more frequently, where both workers and customers took care of her and gave her whatever she wanted.

And one day Tuila went away and never returned. No one knew what happened until something amazing was discovered.

When the staff began to search for the catty in order to know anything about her, they discovered a wonderful thing.

There is no doubt that if the whole story wasn’t discovered, the cat would continue to come and ask for food as a stray.

Once the catty returned home with a note hanging from her collar.

Tulia came back home with a calm facial expression as if nothing had happened. When the owner read the note, she was shocked.

But this is not the end. It turned out that the catty also used to visit the nearby nursing house and ask the staff for food.

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