«May your heart keep its simplicity in this complex world»: Heartwarming birthday photos of the little son of McConaughey and Alves

McConaughey and his wife Camila posted exclusive photos with their son Levingston

Here is the lovable and absolutely adorable son of M. McConaughey and his wife Brazilian model Camila Alves who continuously melts everyone’s heart with his cuteness.

Levingston’s birthday was right before the New Year – on December 28 and the exclusive shots of the 10-year-old child immediately went viral the Internet. According to the parents, their little son is modest and not spoiled at all.

His only wish on his birthday was a tasty ice-cream cake and to visit Austin’s trampoline center.

The Brazilian model captioned the photo. «May your heart, my son, keep its simplicity as you grow up in this complex world. You challenge and teach my daily and for that I am grateful»

Judging from the heartwarming birthday pictures, Levingston is the exact copy of his father and inherited the color of his eyes from his beautiful mother.

«Bravo, Matthew and Camila», «Our kids are to be down to Earth, no matter we are rich or poor», «What heartwarming birthday shots», «Haven’t seen a child more adorable than him».

It should be noted that the admirable spouses have three kids – 10-year-old Levingston, 12-year-old Vida and 14-year-old Levi.

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