The little kitten was not only saved, but also found a loving companionship with other cats of his age.

Such fluffy felines!

When a man found a litter of newborn kittens in his backyard, he hurried to help them, but unfortunately, only one of them survived.

When he took the poor kitten home, his caring dog began to take care about him as her own baby.

The man immediately connected to a shelter to inform them about the little animal. They arrived at once and took him to the shelter. Because the kitten needed much care and support, the staff did its best to provide him with everything he needed.

Day by day the baby became stronger and bigger.

The shelter had brought some other kittens at that time, who were about the catty’s age. He got acquainted with his new siblings and later they became best friends.

Now all these beauties are inseparable and share a strong friendship. They adore each other and can’t imagine their lives separately.

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