A sweet dog was rescued from the street and given a temporary shelter

An adorable dog managed to survive alone one the street 

There are many cases of human negligence. And a sweet dog named Gesa experienced the same. Winters were very cold this year and fortunately she avoided them. People came to her rescue.

After the summer a lot of animals would often leave the region without being returned by their owners. And it became very difficult for a dog to find food and water when the frosts grew harsher.

Happily there are many people, who knew about her situation and came to her help. The young man took the puppy, developed a strong connection with it and took her for an examination and paid for all his medical expenses.

Gesa was very smart and well behaved dog. She was very sweet and well mannered. She still lives with the man, but only temporarily. Now she is already fully recovered and could meet her owners.

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