The child helped his canine friend overcome his fears by his own example

The little man is this dog’s best supporter!

Here is a very amusing scene, where a dog was afraid of the water spray and didn’t dare to approach it, but his little human helped him overcome his fears.

German Shepherds are very friendly and helpful creatures and they are ready to support those, who are in need, but sometimes they behave themselves strangely.

Our today’s hero, a cute German Shepherd, was scared of the spray water, but he was lucky enough to have a devoted friend like this child, who proved the dog that there’s nothing scaring.

The boy approached it at first to show that it was harmless. When the canine discovered that it wasn’t really frightening, he approached it step by step and even started to play with it.

The scene was very funny and the owner, who caught it on camera, was laughing strongly.

The dog found it really entertaining and couldn’t stop playing with it.

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