A man, who makes similar clothes for him and his pets out of whatever comes to mind

Adorable Halloween tradition continued for many years

This man dresses his puppies up in the same clothing for Halloween. If he likes the homeless dog it is usual, that he takes him in the Christmas traditions. He told, that they found a puppy wandering around the city five years ago.

He had some health issues, but he was also very sweet and had a good personality. We considered to keep him after he lived with us for a few days. He told, that he seemed not to be glad, as his better half considered he wasn’t making interesting costumes for Halloween. And he also made one for the puppy.

Many people considered it was absolutely adorable. And then I started making one delivery daily. And when he took another pet he also continued the Halloween tradition.

Most of his attire is made from cloth, cardboard and paste. He makes clothing out of whatever comes to his mind. Happily the dog is the best example of his owner’s ability.

But the second puppy wasn’t eager being washed.

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