«She gets only better like old wine»: The way iconic actress Sharon Stone at 63 looks in swimwear deserves special attention

The fans couldn’t take their eyes off 63-year-old Stone’s perfect body in a bikini

The legendary, desirable and incredibly talented 63-year-old actress is currently enjoying her well-deserved vacation in France delighting the fans with her vacation shots where she appears to be in swimwear proudly demonstrating her flawless body.

«She is about to reach her 70 and still looks amazing», «Nothing has remained from her former perfect body shape», «I can’t take my eyes off this woman», «Granny let herself go».

«You are stunningly beautiful, Stone», «Envy silently, young girls out there!», «I wish I looked this good in my 60s».

«One can only admire her flawless body», «Time has had no trace on her beauty».

«Wow! The icon is here».

What do you think about the well-known actress’s figure at 63?

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