«Let the precious moment last forever»: Here are incredible photos taken now and years ago that will bring tears to your eyes

These people recreated their joint archive photos and moved absolutely everyone

There is a tendency today to recreate exactly the same photos from youth or childhood so as to compare them figuring out how we have changed over years. We take each and every detail into consideration and pose in the same way copying the shots.

There is no denying that it is simply a fantastic and creative way to make the moment last forever and experience the same emotions years later.

The difference between these photos is, believe it or not, 40 years.

Here is a woman with her son playing tricks on a copier.

The difference is 34 years! Incredible!

No explanation is needed here!

Every 5 years these faithful and devoted friends recreate their first joint photo making fond memories.

48 hours after they first met vs. when they have been together for already 50 years

The same people 15 years later! How moving it is!

Their mother took a photo of them when they were still schoolchildren. Look how they have changed over years!

With a difference of a couple of months

The brothers recreated the photo in which they were having fun taking a bath.

She emotionally confessed that this brilliant idea was the most precious gift for her 60th birthday.

Do you find this idea interesting enough?

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