«The price of winning the Olympic Gold»: Here are photos revealing the price of becoming the absolute Olympic winner

Incredible photos showing what you go through to become an Olympic Gold medalist

Probably each of us has imagined what Olympic participants have to go though and what it is like to become the absolute Olympic winner. Some are convinced that there is nothing difficult, whereas it is the sportsmen who know what it’s like in fact.

Have a look at these incredible photos showing the true price of Olympic Gold.

These are the legs of Brajkovic, a former world champion from Slovenia.

During a gymnastic routine, an x-ray was taken of a gymnast leaving everyone speechless.

Meet the Philippines’ first gold medalist Hideline Diaz who displayed her hands shortly after the victory.

Have you seen the gymnast who got a perfect score of 10.0 first in the world? The athletic body and strong muscles of this teenager let no one remain indifferent.

One of the charity swim participants and Olympic Champions Maarten van der Weyden

he absolute-winner spent 55 hours in the water and this is how his legs looked at the end.

This is how the legs of a talented participant in the Tour de France’s 16 stages look.

Have a look at the back of a track and field athlete after a marathon.

Despite having Pectus Excavatum, this athlete brilliantly swam.

This is how the hands of a participant in a rowing competition looked.

During the Tour de France bicycle race, Hincapie’s veins in legs were extremely swollen.

On the right photo we can clearly see how the legs look after a long day of cycling.

Van der Weyden’s arms after swimming for a long time!

Fosterman of Germany and Henderson of New Zealand

The athlete on the right took the medal becoming the absolute-winner.

This is what an athlete sees before jumping on a ski jump.

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