A gorgeous kitty, who entered the house and acted like he had always lived there

A persistent kitty, who made everyone love him

Eliana Loseva Nd her other family members sat down to dine when all of a sudden a ginger kitten appeared out of nowhere. But the kitty named Mura behaved like he had been in this flat all along.

He entered, smelled the food aroma and immediately started to eat. It was not clear how the kitty entered into the house, as there was already a cat.

The house cat was perplexed by the kitty’s arrival, but he seemed not to care and continued to eat the other animal’s food. After finishing the meal Mura went into the living room and sat down to relax.

And after all he behaved like he had always lived in the house. They named him Redd without giving his name any attention. It was a real happiness for such a kind and caring kitty Mura, who entered into the house and befriended with an adult cat.

It shows, that some cats have the charisma and persistence to guarantee a successful future for themselves.

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