«It’s called fulfilling your dream at all costs»: After 16 failed attempts, this heroic woman became a mother at the age of 48

This woman miraculously became a mother at her 48 after many failed attempts

Here is a heroic and exemplary woman named Louise Warnford who has always been dreaming of having a baby and experiencing the delights of parenthood. However, her destiny prepared another fate and she was unable to carry a baby.

Being unable to carry a healthy baby on her own, she decided to turn to the procedure of IVF in order to be endowed with an opportunity to have a baby. However, all the attempts were, unluckily, failed, but she didn’t lose her hope.

The woman was strongly advised to adopt a baby, whereas this idea wasn’t really close to her heart and she, anyway, continued her attempts. And, miraculously, after the 16th attempt, she eventually fulfilled her cherished dream.

It should be mentioned that Louis spent about 80 000 pounds on all this. After neglecting all the doctors’ and relatives’ opinions, she became a mother of an adorable boy named William who completed the beautiful family of Louis.

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