«You are definitely not ready for this»: No one will remain indifferent seeing how 34-year-old Adele looks in a close-up photo

The way singer Adele’s face looks in a close-up photo left everyone speechless

Though brilliant, incredibly talented and legendary British singer Adele hasn’t made appearance in a relatively long time, every time she attends an event or show, no one remains indifferent towards the iconic 34-year-old woman.

Especially after her incredible transformation having lost a lot of weight and gained more charm and femininity, Adele has become the center of heated discussions. Recently, two years after divorcing her husband, the singer appeared again.

It was after their painful breakup that the brilliant performer started to radically change her appearance having gained a slender and toned body. However, the recent photos revealing the woman’s deep wrinkles left everyone astonished.

The folds and wrinkles covered the areas around her lips, eyebrows and forehead. Many couldn’t find any words to describe their surprise.

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