«The first dark-skinned model on the cover of Vogue»: The 1990s’ glorious fashion icon became the muse of Vogue

Iconic model Campbell on Vogue India’s cover made a splash with her appearance

One of the iconic and overall-recognized supermodels N. Campbell’s name is associated with the glorious fashion of the 1990s. The megastar is believed to be the definition of the original supermodel.

The legendary celebrity became the first dark-skinned woman to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine at the age of 18. And, recently, already at the age of 52, the supermodel repeated her iconic image for Vogue India.

Very often, she openly expresses her special love for this exotic country, its culture and mysteriousness. Moreover, she often practices yoga with pleasure.

The iconic supermodel posted photos from the famous photo shoot on social media and pleasantly surprised the netizens with her brightness, professionalism and spectacular appearance.


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First, she made an appearance with black tight-fitting trousers and a long mesh. Then, Campbell showed up in a top of two crossed strips of fabric and tight leggings.


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