The woman couldn’t decide which dog to get, so she came up with a great idea

She couldn’t return home with just one…

Once Danielle Eden visited a dog shelter in Israel to choose a dog, but seeing the canines’ poor condition there, she came up with a wonderful idea.

She decided to adopt all the dogs from the shelter. It means that she bought the whole shelter. Danielle is a great animal lover, so her heart was broken to see these poor creatures suffered at the shelter.
Just after it she founded her own shelter in Canada in 2014 with her husband. Their aim is to search for sick and abandoned canines and save their lives, then find forever homes for them.

Danielle was shocked to see how dogs lived there. They just survived without getting any care and attention. So adopting only one or a few dogs wouldn’t be right. Buying the whole shelter was the best choice ever!

25 of them remained under the woman’s care, 90 of them moved to other shelters in Israel where they would feel better, while 150 needed to get treatment in a vet clinic and after become healthy and strong, they would move to the woman’s sanctuary.

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