«What’s the price? Burnout»: Knightley has shared her honest thoughts about the filming of «Pirates of the Caribbean»

The «Pirates of the Caribbean» star spoke about what happened behind the scenes

Perhaps, everyone will recall Elizabeth from «Pirates of the Caribbean» who, at the time of the filming, was still 18. As the popular actress admitted, before the filming she didn’t even consider herself attractive, yet after it, she gained love of millions.

«It was interesting to go from being a real tomboy to becoming the complete opposite. I felt squeezed. I felt like I was in a rut. Subsequent roles were an attempt to get out of this».

As we can clearly see, Keira was absolutely exhausted and devastated. The wife of musician J. Righton confessed that she eventually brought herself to stress disorder.

«I felt trapped in things I didn’t understand. I was incredibly strict with myself. I’ve never been good enough. And now, not being like that, I realize how extraordinary it was. What’s the price? Burnout.», – partner O. Bloom.

Here, it is relevant to mention that the film star has two heiresses. Trying to always keep the balance between the family life and her acting career is called «extreme and unpredictable» by her.

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