«All her secrets of longevity disclosed»: This charming grandmother turns 107 and shares all her secrets to longevity

LePayne celebrates her 107th birthday and honestly shares her secrets of longevity

Here is G. LePayne who turned 107 on December 8. No one could remain indifferent towards the heartwarming photos she has shared. The elegant gold hoop earrings and adorable cheeks of her delighted all the netizens.

However, the beautiful granny has gone through a lot throughout her life including the Great Depression, the terrible departure of her 7-year-old son and the death of her husband.

The most important thing in Grace’s life has always remained her precious family. Whenever she is asked what hobbies and interests she has, Grace tends to answer «I don’t want to do anything right now».

However, all people that surround her refuse to agree with this statement claiming that actually she is very busy periodically going shopping, doing things in the kitchen and looking after her grandchildren.

In celebration of her birthday, all her relatives from different states rushed to come and sincerely congratulate her. She truly appreciates her family and keeps saying that there is nothing more important than it and she is happy to have all of them.

It stands to reason that all people who meet her rush to ask her what her secrets to longevity are. One thing that Grace would like us to know is that a sound sense of humor will keep everyone younger.

To the question of what helps her stay young she answers «Just be happy». She is convinced that we all should be more grateful and compassionate.

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