A little opossum was found and given many delicacies to eat

The little opossum gained weight and was ready to live with other opossums in the group

All of a sudden a passerby in a used car lot saw a small, pink animal walking in the area. He took the animal and transported him to the refuge.

And the CEO of the business named Dave considered it was a bald cat at first. But after a little while when they examined the animal closely it became clear, that it was a bald opossum.

The animal needed immediate warming. And Dave and other volunteers started to help the animal to gain weight. No one knew when the animal was separated from his mother because he was still a little animal.

The animal was given a lot of food to eat and he eagerly ate everything. They had many warm bags and coats made just for him.

It was already a few weeks, that the little opossum first began living in the wild. He has already gained weight and will soon be ready to meet other opossums in the group.

The animals had separate rooms with a lot of space to move freely and sleep comfortably. Happily, everything ended well.

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