The dog’s life would have ended right in the water if the dolphins had not come to the rescue  

Dolphins can also be useful like dogs

Many of you know that dolphins are friendly creatures, but few know that they can be saviors for other animals. Read this wonderful story and you’ll understand everything.

Meet Turbo, an 11 years old, who left his house and appeared in a terrible condition.

Luckily, there were dolphins nearby who came to help without hesitation. They kept the poor animal on the surface of the water, hoping that someone would spot him.

After some time, some people noticed the doggie and informed a rescue group about the case.

As it turned out that canine had stayed in the water for over 15 hours and thanks to the great efforts of dolphins he was saved.

The rescuers managed to take him out of the water and luckily he was in good health.

Watch the wonderful rescue of the cute doggie below:

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