When the hippo decided to have a nap, it had many little guests right on its back

They used their huge friend to relax

When we speak about the hippo, the first thing comes into our minds is that they are scary and dangerous. But this adorable scene changes our negative opinion about them.

A number of turtles decided to have a rest just on the hippo’s back, when it was having a nice sleep. But when he moved, the little creatures immediately fell into the water one after the other.

This enormous creature who weighs over 2.5 tons welcomed little turtles on his back with happiness. The scene was captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

When hippos are partially seen on the surface of the water, they look like crocodiles. When they open their huge mouths they spread fear around.

Turtles swim quite well, but when they want to relax under the sun, they choose the surface of the water, instead of staying on the shore.

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