The sons of «The Mummy» star: This is what Fraser’s, «The Mummy» star’s heirs look and live now

The way the sons of «The Mummy» star have changed was a big surprise for everyone

Shortly after the release of the great film «The Mummy», praiseworthy actor B. Fraser gained overall recognition and achieved incredible heights.

He won millions of hearts of women throughout the world and soon started to be offered a number of roles in movies. Apart from attracting thousands of viewers with his incredible talent and charisma, he performed on the stage as well.

The wife of Brendan became Afton Smith and the admirable spouses had three children – Griffin (21), Holden (19) and Leland (17). However, a tragedy happened when his wife suddenly filed for divorce. He lost a lot of money and stopped acting.

It was probably the most difficult period in his life and he became depressed and devastated.

Last year he was offered a role in the movie «The Whale» and happily agreed to take part in. At that time, he still had no idea that he would deservedly become the winner of the Academy Award.

And here are the heirs of the prominent actor who frequently shoot for fashion brands and fashion houses. They are in classic black leather and velvet suits and their appearance lets no one remain indifferent.

What concerns the movie star’s eldest son, one hardly can find any photos of him on the Internet,

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