«A role model for all girls and women»: The paparazzi photos of model Brook in a bold outfit let no one remain indifferent 

All eyes were on Kelly Brook who appeared in a bold cropped top and mini shorts

It should be borne in our mind that absolutely everyone is unique and beautiful the way they are. However, there are some beauty standards that are expected to be met to be accepted and admired by society.

Many strongly hold the opinion that model K. Brook deservedly holds the title of the most beautiful and charming model who meets all the parameters of beauty claiming that she herself sets the beauty standards.

Despite the adoration around her, some strongly advise her to lose some weight. However, we all know well that her body is entirely natural and hasn’t been corrected by plastic surgery.

The popular model is more than sure that under Botox and silicone real beauty disappears quickly and one can never return to his or her natural look.

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