A smart mother cat saved her kittens. She simply showed they need help

The tiny and starving cat family will now have a happy and safe life

This story is about an intelligent cat mother and her three kittens, that were rescued by her actions.

Thanks to the humans, who assisted her!

Every mother, regardless human or animal tries to protect her child from everything. And this story is proof of this. It occurred in Australia and demonstrated what a mother can do to save her children.

This cat family was discovered by the side of the road by a passerby. There was a mother and her three kittens. He quickly called the rescue group.

And after the rescuers arrival the mother cat led them to her three kittens. The mother was very thin, skin and bones and it was clear, that she did everything to feed and protect her kittens.

All of them needed immediate medical attention and after arriving at the shelter it became clear they were starving. And also the vets discovered, that the kittens had no eyelids, which will cause them to become blind if they didn’t get normal treatment.

The volunteers fed and washed them and also they were given cozy beds to rest. They also gave them the necessary medication and the mother cat named Elodie was already feeling better after being spayed.

The kittens needed time to recover, but happily their mother Elodie knows they are safe.

Such an intelligent cat mother and her sweet kitties!

So happy they are saved and will have a good life.

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