This caring dog became a father, but to completely different creatures  

It’s clear why this scene won the hearts of many

We know that golden retriever is one of the friendliest canines in the world. This case is the best proof of this fact.

Once an adorable doggy named Fred was discovered in an abandoned area, but he was not alone. With him there were 9 sweet ducklings, who had lost their mother and appeared in a poor condition. But Fred didn’t leave them helpless and became a father for them.

Now, this amazing family enjoys their life together.

The doggie takes care of them as his own babies and never leaves them alone. He knows they need him and does his best to make them happy and carefree.

The little creatures are overjoyed to have someone who looks after them.

When their video was shared on social media, it won people’s hearts and it’s not surprising because they are very adorable.

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