«The Golden Age Hollywood icon is not the same»: The recent appearance of 56-year-old Chastain came as a big surprise

The fans hardly recognized Chastain without any makeup and in casual clothes

There is no need to say that one of the beauty standards is set by J. Chastain who hasn’t ever ceased to delight the fans with her unearthly beauty, femininity and charm.

Her image comes from the Golden Age of Hollywood that is red wavy hair, scarlet lipstick and an elegant and tight-fitted dress. That’s why her recent appearance in casual clothes and without makeup caused a stir on the network.

Without any preparedness, she walked down the streets holding a cup of coffee. Many thought she looked rather untidy and even unrecognizable.

Probably in order to hide the absence of makeup and exhausted eyes, the star put on sunglasses. Jessica was in a black Moncler jacket, a sweater and leggings.

Some were even convinced that she looked unhealthy and perhaps had some health problems.

Do you think she has changed beyond recognition?

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