«The graduation photos of celebrities!»: This is what today’s world-renowned celebrities looked like in youth

Here are exclusive archive photos of show business stars from their graduation parties

There is no denying that one of the most remarkable and unforgettable days in our lives is the day of graduation that opens new doors and from when we start our truly adult life. Many have been wondering how today’s iconic stars looked then.

Here are rare archive photos of show business celebrities at their graduation parties. This is what they looked like at that time having no idea that they would soon become overall-recognized and enormously successful.

M. McConaughey

K. Kardashian

B. Willis

G. Clooney

B. Pitt

J. Alba


A Jolie

W. Ferrell

S. Bullock

T. Swift

S. Johansson

J. Aniston

B. Lively

Lady Gaga

N. Portman

M. Streep

R. Witherspoon

S. Dogg

B. Spears


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