The Changing Looks of Julia Fox: A Look at Her Journey in Photos

Here’s how she’s changed over the years

33 years old Julia Fox, who is a famous actress, enjoys appearing in front of the audience in bold outfits and unusual makeup choices.

However, her recent post of her youth showed how much she has changed over the years.

In the photo Fox was wearing quite modest clothes and there was no makeup on her face.

It’s noticeable that she has changed a lot due to several procedures and so her beauty and youthful look are still maintained. Also, her taste in outfits has changed a lot.

Watching these two photos you’ll understand how she has changed and even many people can’t recognize her at once.

It’s necessary to mention that the actress has a relationship with Kanye West. They don’t keep it a secret from the public.

In addition, she has a child from her previous husband Peter Artemiev, and now they are taking care of their son together.

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