The owner’s heart melted when she witnessed her dog taking care of a mother cat and her newborn kittens

It’s time to see another heroic move by a compassionate dog

Meet Hades, a friendly and helpful dog, who proved people once more that canines are the most loyal and compassionate creatures in the world.

He gave a big opportunity to a stray catty and her newborn kittens to live in a warm and safe place.

He lives with his loving owner Juan José P. Flores in Mexico. Some time ago, they spotted a pregnant catty walking in their neighbourhood. The woman began to leave some food for the cat in their yard. The helpful canine was also worried about the stray animal, so he decided to support him in his own way.

One day the owner heard a door knock. When she opened the door, remained moveless. It was her beloved pet, but he was so confused and anxious as if he wanted to tell something important to her.

The woman followed him to discover what happened. The smart canine led her to the mother catty and her newborn kittens. But that’s not the end. Hades welcomed the cat’s family into his own tiny house. It completely melted the owner’s heart.

Since then Hades became a guardian for them. He always stays next to them and support them in everything. They are now inseparable and loyal friends.

The mother catty lives in the woman’s house with her babies. They will stay there temporarily until they become old enough for adoption.

As for the mother cat, she will live with them forever, because it will be impossible to separate her from her loving friend. That’s a true friendship!

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