The «Gone with the Wind» star’s great-granddaughters: Here are legendary Leigh’s great-granddaughters

No one was ready to see what the great-granddaughters of Vivien Leigh look like 😳🧐

The incredible talent, great influence and worldwide recognition of this actress can hardly be overestimated. It was her excellent participation in the film «Gone with the Wind» that brought her overall fame and recognition.

Apart from being successful in her acting career, she experienced the delights of motherhood as well. From her first marriage she had a daughter and named her Suzanne.

Suzanne wasn’t like her mother at all and they actually had little in common. She had no plans to pursue a career of an actress and, instead, chose a family life and had three heirs.

And here are the great-granddaughters of the legendary actress. They are twins and are already 33.

For many, they seem nice and uniquely beautiful. Some are even more than sure that their appearance will become their calling cards in Hollywood.


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