«Wrinkled face and greasy hair!»: The entirely natural appearance of Lopez became the subject of discussions

Many were not ready to see what Lopez looked like with greasy hair and no makeup 😳😲

To millions of people, Lopez is the epitome of female beauty and attractiveness. Several magazines acknowledged her as the hottest star of our time. But her recent «candid» photos where she appeared with no makeup surprised everyone.

Many got confused and couldn’t understand why the stunningly beautiful celebrity looked so different in those photos. She was without any makeup and deep wrinkles and other age-related changes were already seen on her face.

The netizens are divided into two groups. Some still found her naturally beautiful and attractive, some were quick to criticize her claiming that she was just an ordinary woman who was no better than anyone else.

Many noticed her wrinkles, imperfect skin and greasy hair and were definitely not ready for that.

Do you still find her beautiful even without makeup?

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