«The first photos after her daughter passed away!»: Here are the first photos of Priscilla Presley after her heiress’s departure

This is how Elvis Presley’s wife looks and lives after her daughter 🧐🤔

The photos of the 77-year-old wife of late musician E. Presley raised questions. It should be mentioned that her daughter passed away in January because of a cardiac attack and here are the first photos of her mother after that.

Despite the family tragedy and all the challenges she faces, the legendary woman looks quite good and even much younger than her actual age.

«I still remember Elvis and Priscilla as the most beautiful and legendary couple!», «All shades of grace and femininity».

«No words needed!», «She looks 30 at her 77. How is that even possible?», «She forever remains that young girl!», «I can’t believe my eyes».

«Who on Earth would say that she will soon turn 80?», «She has remained the same gorgeous woman even after her daughter’s departure».

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