From Overweight to Overjoyed: The Inspiring Journey of Wolfgang the Beagle’s Weight Loss Success

The beagle adores going on appointment with a toy  🐕🥹

The beagle named Wolfgang was very big when he was saved and weighed 90 pounds. He was found as a stray in Phoenix, but his savior considers he was leftover by his previous owner.

Wolfgang was a very happy and loving animal, but he just needed some help in losing weight.

Wolfgang was three times bigger in size than a normal beagle, but there was no signs of losing weight. He was perplexed being around humans and other animals and didn’t allow his weight to depress him.

His rescuer named Erin clearly knew she must control his weight with a strict schedule and she was focused on helping the beagle return back to life.

At first, she gave Wolfgang only healthy food, then she took him for a walk and also encouraged him to exercise. But the most important thing is that she must stop him to rest. And after all of this Wolfgang started to lose weight.

After spending six months with Erin he was able to pass in and out of the doggy door and managed to walk even for a mile. Erin and he himself were proud of his great achievement.

Wolfgang adores toys and takes one with him when he goes to a water treadmill appointment, as Erin arranged for him to get help from the specialist.

Amazingly Wolfgang now weighs almost 32 pounds less than before, but he only needed a few kilograms to get the size of a normal beagle. Thanks to Erin’s love and care he managed to live a happy and carefree life.

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