«When a celebrity mom becomes a star too!»: Everyone is pleasantly surprised by how beautiful Kunakey’s mother is

After the photos of Kunakey’s mother, it becomes hard not to fall in love with this woman 🤔🥰

The family of Tina Kunakey, her mother Nadia and her brother Zachary, have recently been the center of everyone’s attention. Towards the rare and ageless beauty of the young model’s mother hardly anyone can remain indifferent.

Sharing an archive photograph with a touching message, the model expressed her love and the depth of their bond claiming that her mother was the queen of her heart. The brother of the successful model in his turn shared recent photos of their mother.

Here, she is sitting by the fireplace in a yellow jumpsuit with a delicate bow. Her elegant hairstyle and sincere smile made the netizens admire her even more.

Many rushed to claim that she had ageless beauty and seemed not to have any plans to age. Her attractiveness and female energy drove everyone crazy. The netizens admired their special bond too adding that Nadia was a role model for all moms.

The post encouraged millions to express their true love towards their loved ones and appreciate every precious moment spent together.


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