«Again skin and bones!»: The appearance of Angelina Jolie at the premiere of «Eternals» raised questions

The extreme thinness of Jolie made the fans worry about their favorite actress 🥺😲

However beautifully and spectacularly the legendary Hollywood actress appeared at the premiere of «Eternals», her extreme and unhealthy thinness again made the fans worry about her.

Especially in a tight-waisted dress her thinness was clearly seen which soon became the subject of discussions. Some even compared her hands to matches calling her a «skeleton».

Despite the simplicity, her outfit was gorgeous and perfectly suited the iconic film star giving her even more charm and emphasizing her curves. Her delicate makeup with nude shades and her elegant hairstyle made the woman’s appearance unforgettable.

Though she looked amazing and feminine as always, her thinness saddened many of her fans who again started to worry about their favorite star’s health.

Do you think she has lost weight again?

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